Monday, October 8, 2012

I wish you still blogged.

Spending the weekend with dear friends makes me appreciate them even more than I already did.  We go months on end without seeing each other, but that's completely normal and okay.

You see, I traded in the "I'm so fucking awesome because I live in Austin and party balls with these rad people" lifestyle for the "I'm so fucking awesome because I have a hot husband, two badass kids, and party balls until 9:30 and I have to go to bed because I'm exhausted" lifestyle.

So, seeing my rad people on a rare occasion is completely normal and we appreciate each other more when we do get to see each other.  Granted, it makes me miss them more when I have to leave them, but it's still okay.

When visiting one of my aforementioned rad friends this weekend she mentioned that I should still blog.  Right.  About that.  I do.  Okay, okay.  Saying "I still blog." is like saying "I clean behind the washing machine."  Because I definitely do both of those things, just with no frequency whatsoever.  I should blog more, though.  It's therapeutic.  I enjoy getting it all out on the interweb paper and getting the thoughts out of my head.  As for cleaning behind the washing machine, well, let's just say I don't have the time I don't want to fucking do it.

Also, I used to blog with a blog tied into my BookFace, so whenever I posted a new blog it would post to the BookFace timeline that "hey, Candace blogged."  Meh.  I don't know how interested I am in publicizing my writing and thoughts for the BookFace peeps.  It feels like if I post there a "hey! I wrote something! go read it!" I'm seeking out attention and/or compliments, and while I appreciate the pats on the back, I'd rather people find my writing on their own?  I guess?  Fuck if I know, really.  If you are here because you are my Facebook friend that is totally awesome and I don't not want you here, I appreciate you reading.  You are on my list of heroes.  If you just googled the words "bookface" and "fuck" together and you made your way here that way you're on a completely different list of heroes, but still a hero nonetheless, because that's awesome.

But it did feel good to know that my good friend enjoyed reading my writing.  It felt really good.  To a point where I think I should be better about the writing.

So in closing, I wish I still blogged too.  Maybe I'll blog about that tomorrow...

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