Monday, October 29, 2012

Here we are.

It's Monday.  I didn't get that stupid laundry room painted.  I will do it some time this week, I swear it.  Ok, maybe this weekend.

I had a good post all worked out in my head for today, but a phone call at 8:11 this morning f'ed that all up.  Now all I can think about is that phone call.  No, I won't tell you what it's about either.  It's called vague-blogging, and it's what all the cool kids do these days.  So there.

We don't have shit to do until Thanksgiving.  I'm going to repeat that to myself about 47 times between now and Friday.  That's probably one of the best things ever.  When I say probably, I mean is.  That is the best thing ever.  I had fun this weekend [see: partied balls with amazing friends] but man, we've been busy since September hit.  And I'm old.  And over it.

So come over if you want, but be forewarned I will be hanging out in my underwear eating popcorn, drinking diet root beer, and watching mind numbing television.  And it will be the best 20-something days of my life.  Until I get about 5 days in and get really bored.

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