Thursday, September 27, 2012


About three times a year I get my hairs cut.  Sometimes just two.  (Times, not hairs.)  Whenever these occasions roll around I always think to myself, "I want to chop it all off, start over."  

The last 4 times or so that I've thought this I've been able to stop myself, thankfully.  

Me chopping all my red hairs off usually leads to me crying in front of the mirror the morning after the cut with a ball of frizzy curls sticking straight up saying, "Why did I cut it all off???"

I have a haircut next Thursday.  I will not instruct my fabulous stylist to chop.  I will only ask her to trim.  Ever so slightly.  TRIM.

I will keep repeating that to myself.  I will hopefully report back to you with my hairs still intact.  Unless I get stupid in between now and then.  It happens.

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