Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parenting, hard.

Seriously, how hard is parenting?  It's hard.  It's full of double standards.  It's lined with moments where you think, "Holy balls, I really AM turning into my mother."  It's second guessing everything you say and do.  It's knowing that 97% of the time you're really wrong.  And it's knowing that no one is a perfect parent.  I mean come on, Martha went to jail.  If she can't do perfection, how the hell are we supposed to do it?

The double standards.  Ahhh, the double standards.  I tell Kade yes and no all the time for the same things.  Prime example, the television.  Kid is obsessed.  Not cool.  This is a week's worth of statements made by Nick or I:

  • Yes, you can watch a movie tonight.
  • No, you can't watch a movie tonight.
  • Because you watched a movie last night, that's why.
  • Stop arguing with me, I said no.
  • You watch too much TV.
  • Do we let him watch too much TV?
  • Hey buddy, want to watch a movie in your room? (This is code for "Mommy and Daddy want to watch an episode of Revenge uninterrupted  please go be quiet in your room and stare at the TV and don't come bother us.  Thanks.")
  • No, you can't watch the movie again, you just watched it.
  • Wait until your sister goes to bed, play with her instead of watching TV.
  • Because I said so.  That's why.  
  • Stop asking.
  • I'll turn your TV on and you can watch cartoons. (That's when he wakes up before our alarm clocks go off.  That's legit.  Freaking watch some cartoons or something so Mommy and Daddy can sleep!)
Kade woke up last week while Nick and I were both showering, and he was standing outside my door crying when I got out of the shower.  I immediately told him I was sorry that he needed to potty and to come in and go potty.  He said that's not why he was crying.  He said he was crying because he "needs people".  I. am. an. asshole.  Did my four-year-old just tell me that he "needs people?"  Really?  He's deprived enough to request the mere presence of warm bodies?  F me.  

Parenting is hard.

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