Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have to have notes everywhere, or I just forget shit.  And I can't put these notes on my phone, because that falls under two categories: 1. shit I lose, and 2. shit I forget.  So putting notes on said phone is futile.

  • I need to bake a cake tonight for my husband's office tomorrow.  And no, I can't remember what I'm making the cake for, I didn't include that on the note.  I only remember this baking task because of the note I wrote on my calendar at work.
  • I need to watch last week's episode of American Horror Story so I don't get behind and confused as to where I left off.  Problem is I can't watch this when it's dark outside, I'm a wuss.  And the Hubs won't watch it with me, he hates scary stuff.  So I guess I need to take a day off work to watch American Horror Story in the broad daylight.
  • I should probably bathe my kids tonight?  I have no note to myself indicating the last time I did that.
  • Go through Lily's clothes and take out what doesn't fit.  This will prevent the husband from trying to shove her into a onesie that hasn't fit in 9 months.  This is purely for the benefit of the chunky baby.
  • Find Kade's old Halloween costume so he can wear it to school, so he doesn't f up his new one he's supposed to wear tomorrow night.  Because I know if I send him to school in his Halloween costume he'll spill something bright purple on it.  Laws of kids, man, just how it works.  So he'll be Spiderman by day, Captain America by night.
  • Make a shield for Kade's Captain America costume.  Wait, tomorrow is Halloween?  Screw it.  Who needs a shield when you're all jacked up on free candy?
  • Wash my hair.  I have no note to myself indicating the last time I did that.
  • Paint my nails.  All 20, toes and fingers.  Wait, I'm no longer in flip flops or sandals 7 days a week.  Take that down to 10, just fingers.
  • Pay attention to my sweet husband.  Maybe this note should be bumped up to number 1.  Wait, he really loves cake.  Okay, number 2.
And here is a picture of my (really manly looking...) hand.  With the word "cake" written on it.  Don't forget the cake.  "You can't miss the bear!" (anyone get that reference?)

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